He stays up thinking and daydreaming

wondering about what is life’s true meaning

the last time mom mentioned, it was God’s doing

but older brother says he prays to some “higher being”

then again walking through the streets

being thieves

because father had just given up,


feared us


just had no more love


forget brother, what about ME.


brother is locked up in the pen again

did we not understand discipline

running from the police, that’s right

Tupac’s lyrics in the back of my mind

misconceptions, corruptions, government conspiracies

what does it all mean, what can I actually believe

little brother blaming momma for the drama

after liquor hits-shed tears and begin to reminisce

i’m lost in my thoughts

missing brother, and my old block

sister invites me to church

but speaking in metaphors

I just don’t know how to not go

I can’t explain what I mean

sister keeps getting mad at me

I’m sorry I read “the inbetween

Just let me figure out me

God is always with me right

you’ll get me later, goodnight.


February 1, 2016







Late nights


he stays thinking of life

can’t figure out

where he went wrong

what led him to this pain

from God he ran

pushes away

does not want to understand

has given up hope

cannot socialize

what does love mean

why can he no longer cry

life just seems to be passing him by.

Jan 25, 2016


I stare at you not knowing what to do

Your smile that gaze in your eyes

Boy it’s driving me crazy

you’ve got me mesmerized

the things you say the things you do

got me smiling from morning to noon

can’t wait ’til the end of the day

talk on the phone ’til 3 am


strong in the faith

distractions, you don’t let get in the way

God hold’s first place

this I know

for our real love

is found in HIS grace.

Jan 26, 2016



Dame Tiempo

Dame tiempo para estar conmigo

Me eh perdido a mi mismo

No se quien es el verdadero yo

Quiero saber lo que se siente estar solo

Siempre he sido definido

Por el amor que cargo conmigo

Quiero enamorarme mas de Dios

y seguir en buen camino

Luego pensare con quien lo compartire.

Enero 3, 2015


Start Over Again

Give me time to be me

i’ve lost the real her

in between

I don’t know who ME is

I want to know what it’s like to be alone

I’ve always been defined by the one I call “my own”

God set me free, broke those chains

I no longer feel those pains

I will be honest, I have not prayed

because I want my love a bit delayed.

January 3,2015


to you boo

WE almost made it to sunrise that one night

When your lips touched my lips I smiled bright

In the pouring rain snuggling we could have reached sunlight

No interruptions, no judgements, just you and I

ignoring the world

we kept talking for hours

Musically inspired

you got stopped by the cops prior

not ’til we go to the car

holding hands, without a single glance

From seeing a shooting star

To it being so hard to say goodbye

I still smile as I pass by

Brings back the moment

I couldn’t deny.

I admit it

I like you

It’s hard to hide,

what we’re both feeling inside

but you, you worry

what they may think

so we had to say goodbye.

God blessed me with you

and I pray that someday I get as lucky

to have something like this again.

December 5th 2015.